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GreenDice Community
Argo Alaniit

Welcome to our community page

Join us and let's become better. Together!

About Us

We believe in GreenDice that once greenwashing stops and enterprises will really start to measure and reduce their ICT devices emissions then our community will provide them with help in this. What's best it will accelerate our mission to provide IT-world access bundled with educational support for every person in the world for a fee that is less than one Big Mac meal. 

Our community membership starts from 5,9€ per month!

Why You Should Join Us

You will play important role in our green revolution journey to reduce unnecessary consumption of goods and force producers to provide more quality items to the market!

A Big Thanks

Once you have joined you are helping our partner enterprises to transparently reduce the environmental impact caused by once purchasing ICT devices. Let's make them have their emissions reduced through shared responsibility because, in the end, they deserve it!

IT-world bundled with education can give all people equal opportunities to advance in their life. Does not matter if you are our partner or community member you play an important role and are part of our mission to solve the digital divide in the world!

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